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Just like any visible surface area, your tiles are susceptible to dirt, oil and germs. Cleaning your tiles periodically is very important. It is not enough to use the regular mop and soap cleaning that people are familiar with. Opting for a more detailed cleaning will help keep your tiles well-polished and bacteria-free. Our tile cleaning service saves you the stress of going through this rigorous process by utilizing experienced craft and the correct tools that will help get your tiles to the perfect state.

Tile Cleaning Process on the Day of Your Service

The tile cleaning process is very rigorous and time-consuming activity. However, when you hire us, we make sure that we go through all the cleaning processes thoroughly. Check out our step by step process below:

We would take a good and closer look at your tiles. This would enable us to detect cracks in the tiles and grout. We would also be able to notice hotspots which we would give special attention to during our cleaning. Any problems we might have during the cleaning stages would be noticed at this level, and an appropriate solution would be proffered in advance.

At this stage, your tiles will be carefully swept, and all dry soil and unwanted debris like sharp objects, little stones, random dirt and the likes will be completely vacuumed. Once the cleaning process starts, we would not want anything to damage your tiles hence the need for us to complete this process carefully.

This stage of cleaning is very important because it takes the previous process to the next level and explores it deeper. While the process of the debris removal is meant to take care of random visible dirt, this soil suspension stage focuses on complex dirt and oil compounds that cannot be otherwise seen or cleaned. A very strong tile cleaning chemical is applied on your tile surface, and this chemical is given time to do its job and find its way into the soil.

At this stage, we would take care of the real problem. We would start by cleaning the grout with special equipment. This equipment is designed to clean all the embedded dirt in your grout lines. For significantly stained areas, we would use a manual brush and a more acidic base detergent to help wash the dirt off. After this is done, we would then clean the tiles with hot water and detergent and then the entire floor is rinsed.

Like the tag says above, this process is optional. It is however advised because what this process does for you is to help keep your grout clean and disallow future accidental spills from becoming permanent stains. Grout sealing involves applying a good and durable professional grout sealer on your grout surface so that your tile floor looks just as good as new.

This will come into play after everything has been cleaned. Our experts will examine the tile surface to make sure that all dirt, oil compounds and bacteria have been completely dealt with.

Benefits of a Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you have been comfortable with just mopping your floor with soap and water and you don’t feel the need to opt for a full cleaning process, then you have been missing out on some of the amazing perks that stem from thoroughly cleaning your tile and grout. Check out the benefits that accrue from cleaning your tile and grout.

A lot of germs and bacteria are embedded within your grout and on the surface of your tile floor. If left unchecked, they can rot and cause illnesses for people around the surroundings of that area. Cleaning your floor thoroughly is the only way for you to ensure that you and yours are in a clean and safe environment. Luckily, you can easily get this done by trusting the services of cleaning experts like us.

Like we said earlier, the process of cleaning your tiles can be a very rigorous one. If you are not ready to go through with it, then it would be a time-wasting activity on your part. However, you can avoid this by contacting an affordable cleaning service agency like our own. You can save your time, pay less and get flexible service delivery.

Routine maintenance keeps your tiles clean and also helps it to maintain a good condition over a long period. Harsh materials and dirt can cause a lot of damage to your tiles over time, and if they are not cleaned right, they will shorten the lifespan of your floor. However, by cleaning regularly and with the right equipment, you can help preserve your tiles and grout.

This benefit cannot be overemphasized. When you clean your floor tiles, all the stains, dirt and other unpleasant things are cleaned out, and this makes your tiles look just like the first time they were installed. Once you clean your floor tiles, the difference is significantly noticeable, and you would be happy with the results.

Just as a soldier has no business with a syringe and a doctor has no use for a gun, we also do not require extreme cleaning equipment for our everyday use. Trusting this arduous task to experts is a very good decision because they will do it better than you ever could. Our team consists of experts, and they have been trained to handle the right set of equipment and are well motivated to carry out your tasks.

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