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Being clean and tidy is one of the admirable qualities a person can have. While growing up, most of us have been taught that personal hygiene involves brushing our teeth, taking our baths and washing our clothes. Occasionally we are also advised and sometimes compelled to clean our rooms and wash our beddings. However, most of us are used to never cleaning our mattresses. This might be because it is too large to be washed effectively.

Cleaning your mattress is as important as doing any of the above things. If you have been wondering how you could get this done, you don’t have to worry anymore; Mattress Cleaning Sydney is here to serve your needs.

mattress cleaning Sydney
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Why is Mattress Cleaning Necessary?

If you are finding it difficult to sleep at night due to itching, uncomfortable smells and difficulty in breathing, then it is probably due to a dirty mattress. Cleaning your mattress cannot be done often, and it cannot be done trivially. However, it is necessary to do it once in a while so that germs and dust mites that feed on dead skin cells will not gather where you sleep. Your health is essential and so is that of your family members. Cleaning your mattress keeps you safe from avoidable diseases.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Mattress

The primary benefit to be derived from cleaning your mattress is freedom from dust mites and germs for up to 6 months. A dirty mattress is not just home to dust mites and germs; it also affects the skin and even the breathing of those lying on it. You can easily avoid skin irritation, asthmatic attacks, odours and allergens when you clean your mattress. This means that you would be able to sleep more soundly. Another added advantage is that your mattress will last much longer. Most mattresses don’t run their full courses because they are not adequately and periodically cleaned. You would enjoy all these and more when Mattress Cleaning Sydney finishes working on your mattress.

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Mattress Cleaning Process

The mattress cleaning process is a short but thorough procedure. You can rest assured that it will be worth it at the end. When your mattress is brought to our workshop, here is what you should expect;

First of all, your mattress or mattresses will be thoroughly cleaned with a robust vacuum cleaning equipment. This process will get rid of all pet hairs, dust and dead skin cells. It will also take care of smaller irritants such as dust mites and bed bugs.

The next thing will be to check for all marks, stains and dirty spots that the mattress might have. After these stains have been spotted, we would then clean them with the appropriate detergent and observe the spots as they fade away.

After step 2 has been completed, the next thing will be to treat the mattress with a hot water extraction cleaning machine. This process will remove all the residual dirt contained in the mattress. It will also help reduce most of the moisture on the mattress so that you have an almost dry bed piece.

You would then be given instructions on how long the mattress will thoroughly dry. You can also ask to be given further advice on how to clean and maintain the mattress.

Why Choose Our Professional Mattress Cleaning Service?

At Mattress Cleaning Sydney, we believe that you deserve the best sleeping experience, and we aim to provide you with the cleanest mattress(es) to make this possible. All our cleaning materials are non-toxic and safe for our more skin sensitive clients. Our staff is well equipped with professionals who are trained to meet your every need. Contact us today!

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