Carpet Cleaning Sydney

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Cheap Cleaning Sydney provides carpet cleaning in all suburbs of Sydney. We are experienced and our highly professional carpet cleaners will work on your residential and commercial property to restore your carpets to its original condition. Carpets are one of those hundreds of belongings that revamps your residence or business area. It creates a welcoming factor for those who visit. However, carpets demand tough cleaning and maintenance regardless if it’s synthetic or hand-made. Ordinary vacuuming may only remove the top layer of dirt but not the deepest dust and stain in your carpets.

With our years of operations in the industry, we have worked, tested, and invested with diverse equipment providers and finally selected the best and latest professional equipment that provides you with remarkable carpet cleaning results.

Our respected cleaners use a wide range of professional cleaning consumables like shampoos, odour removers, stain removers, and colour restorers to give you high-quality stain treatment. Cheap Cleaning Sydney’s fast, non-toxic cleaning process further deodorises and deeply sanitises your carpets, offering you and your family a fresher and cleaner carpet to walk on.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

All the operations in Cheap Cleaning Sydney are outlined to provide customers with the utmost satisfaction. Our fully trained and certified technicians will assist you from placing your inquiries, pre-inspection, cleaning process, and post-inspection while ensuring that we meet your expectations thoroughly.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney
Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Our Carpet Cleaning Packages


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising & Sanitising


  • Pre-inspection
  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-treat stains
  • Pre-spray conditioner
  • Scrubbing carpet with soft brush pad
  • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction Treatment)
  • Deodorising

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Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

How Our Professional Technicians Carry Out The Steam Cleaning Process in Sydney!

Hot water extraction method – This method is also known as a steam cleaning process that involves hot water and eco-friendly detergents, which our professional technicians infuse into the fibres of your carpets at high pressures ranging from 50 to 120 degrees Celcius. With this temperature, it removes dirt, debris, bacteria, and other unseen pollutants from your carpets.

Truck mount cleaning or portable cleaning – Choosing a carpet cleaning method is crucial if you want a cleaner, fresher, and effectively sanitized carpet. Cheap carpet cleaning Sydney uses a truck mount cleaning method which tops portable cleaning in terms of hotter water over 220°, higher water pressure as high as 3000 PSI, and better vacuum suction that can dry your carpets completely in 4-6 hrs, meanwhile 2-4 hours usually for textile types.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Benefits Of Cheap Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Our technicians are well-equipped with the newest cleaning techniques and latest product information to serve you with the highest standards.

Our machines, products, and processes are safe and eco-friendly, which helps the environment, and most especially keeping our clients away from toxic chemicals.

The steam from the hot water extraction machine helps kill dust mites and its droppings that cause serious allergic reactions.

Our services include pre-inspection assistance by visiting our clients, examining the carpets, and providing an estimate on your inquiries.

With our latest machine having a strong suction feature, it absorbs the remaining water particles leaving you a dry carpet to walk on after a few hours.

Our professional technicians will run a post-inspection with you to advise you on the cleaning results and make sure that you are satisfied with our services.

You don’t need to worry as the hot water extraction method uses eco-friendly detergents, which is entirely safe for pets and children.

Cheap carpet cleaning Sydney uses eco-friendly chemicals to wash away the spots, stains, watermarks caused by food or beverages spilling.

You don’t have to lift a finger when cleaning your carpets. Our team will move your furniture at an extra cost, clean your carpets, and shift the furniture back the way it used to be.

Having a cleaner and fresher cleaning service doesn’t need to be expensive. Cheap carpet cleaning Sydney provides special offers and additional discounts when you combine carpet cleaning with other cleaning services for mattresses, couches, rugs, curtains, blinds, carpet repairs, flood damage restoration, and car interior cleaning.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning Checklist

Having simple preparations prior to and during your carpet cleaning makes the process smooth and time-saving. That is why we offer you a checklist to ensure that not a single process escapes your way to a cleaner and fresher carpets.

Remove your furniture from the room and store them in a suitable place where you won’t be able to use them for a few hours. We can help you move your furniture at an extra cost.

Carpet cleaning differs from one carpet type to another. Examining the carpet before the cleaning process includes vacuuming and determining the carpet material or the fibre type.

Knowing the type of fibre or carpet material gives you a better understanding of its cleanability in terms of stains, spots, debris, and unseen pollutants. It also allows you to choose a better cleaning method, products, and machine to remove dust and other particles.

A routine vacuum is not enough to remove debris in your carpets. It needs to have six to ten passes of vacuuming to remove stubborn pet hair and dust. It is also required to include areas beneath furniture and doors.

We spray eco-friendly chemical solution to your carpets, allowing around ten minutes so that the soil left from deep vacuuming will loosen up.

We use a carpet spotting chemical to pat any stains and stubborn dirty patches from food drippings, beverages, grease, and even urine marks from pets.

Our technicians use a hot water extraction method that removes the invisible dust particles, mites, and soil from deep down your carpet fibres

Although this comes with extra cost, we recommend that you deodorise your carpets after cleaning, especially if you have pets and kids running around. Additionally, it neutralizes the chemical odours of cleaning materials.

After the extraction process, allow the carpets to dry. Normally, the drying time is between 3-6 hours, but you can decrease it by opening your windows or using your fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

We, at Cheap Cleaning Sydney, strive to provide you with extraordinary service. That is why we tried to save your time by providing you with these frequently asked questions:

You can schedule a service from 8 am to 6 pm. Alternatively, you can reach our customer service at 0450 590 753

You can combine carpet cleaning service with our cleaning services for mattresses, couches, rugs, curtains, blinds, carpet repairs, flood damage restoration, and car interior cleaning.

You can move your furniture, but if it is too much of a hassle for you, we can do it at an additional cost.

No, the drying time after the final cleaning is 3-6 hours.

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