Most Effective Sofa Cleaning Methods That Professionals Use

Most Effective Sofa Cleaning Methods That Professionals Use

A beautiful and good quality sofa will not only embellish and add style to your living room, but it can as well provide you with unsurpassed comfort. However, your sofa can only serve its purpose well if it is clean and in excellent condition. Your sofa receives more dirt and goes through wear and tear more than you think. Thus, regular cleaning is needed.

Most Effective Sofa Cleaning Methods That Professionals Use


While you can always clean your sofa at home by yourself, it is often not enough to thoroughly get rid of deep-seated dirt and bacteria. Professional upholstery cleaning in Sydney can offer more than just eliminating dirt, stain, and bacteria. Having your sofa cleaned professionally can also help lengthen the lifespan of your beloved upholstery and bring it back to its former glory. So how do professional cleaners achieve these? Here’s a peek at the top effective and cheap sofa cleaning methods that professionals use.

Dry cleaning

As its name suggests, the dry cleaning method is a way of cleaning upholstery without using water or any fluid. With this method, professional cleaners use a dedicated cleaning compound or chemical cleaning powder to clean the fabric, eliminate bacteria, and remove the stain. The cleaning powder is first sprinkled over the areas to be cleaned and will then be vacuumed up to finish the cleaning process.

Dry cleaning powders are often made of biodegradable material which makes them safe for all types of sofa fabrics. They work like a microsponge that dissolve and absorb dirt from the sofa. Since this cleaning method does not involve any liquid, cleaning does not require drying time. It is also perfect for upholstery with wood materials.

Dry cleaning


Foam cleaning

Just like dry cleaning, foam cleaning does not also involve the usage of water. Instead, a foam solution is used to clean the sofa. The foam cleaning method is done by applying the foam solution to the area to be cleaned. The solution will then be left to let it rest for a couple of minutes and then vacuum cleaned afterward. The foam solution is often applied by hand to better control the application and amount of foam. The foam cleaning method is a popular choice for sofas that are susceptible to water damage.

Carbonation cleaning

A carbonation sofa cleaning method uses the power of carbonation and millions of carbonating bubbles to eliminate dirt, stain, bacteria, and other allergens from your sofa. Instead of soaking your sofa with soapy cleaning chemicals and a considerable amount of water, carbonation cleaning only uses a fraction of the amount of liquid typically used in steam cleaning. The result provides no soap residue, less moisture on the fabric, and faster drying time. The carbonation sofa cleaning method also leaves a protective barrier on your sofa’s surface area. This protective barrier helps prevent or at least reduce the future accumulation of dirt.

Steam heat extraction

The steam heat extraction method is an advanced cleaning technology that professionals use to remove dust, dirt, allergens, and other particles from the surface of the upholstery. This cleaning method requires the use of a high-temperature steam heat extraction technology.

Unlike the foam cleaning and dry cleaning methods, steam heat extraction requires the use of liquid. To avoid fabric shrinkage and a soggy after-effect, the excess moisture is being extracted off the sofa. The steam heat extraction method takes a couple of hours to complete. This advanced cleaning method is perfect for those looking for cheap upholstery cleaning in Sydney as it is more economical than the other methods.




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